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The USA spends more per person for total healthcare costs (public and private) than any other nation.

Yet health statistics for the USA indicate poorer average health when compared to much of the rest of the Western world (most of which has universal healthcare). Comparative health indicator charts by nation:
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Harry and Louise.”

Carla Binion wrote in 2001:

During 1992 and much of 1993, before the propaganda blitz, both Democrats and Republicans were leaning toward a health reform bill according to James Fallows (The Atlantic, January 1995.) Fallows writes, ‘Bob Dole said he was eager to work with the administration and appeared at events side by side with Hillary Clinton to endorse universal coverage. Twenty-three Republicans said that universal coverage was a given in a new bill.’ By 1994, the insurance corporations’ PR attacks had changed the political environment.”

“Goebbels and today’s mass mind control: Part One. How PR opinion-shapers turn the people against their own interests.” By Carla Binion. April 23, 2001. Online Journal. (PDF) Other copies online: Parts 1-3


Health costs, stats, charts. By nation.

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).
*Key Health Data Projects.
*OECD Health Data 2009: Statistics and Indicators for 30 Countries.
*OECD Health Data 2009 – Frequently Requested Data. Many tables. Some with timelines going back many years. Costs, infant mortality, life expectancy, causes of death, public versus private health spending, and more.
**Download this Excel file. Use the free Microsoft Excel Viewer to view the tables. Open a downloaded Excel file by double-clicking it. At the bottom of the Excel Viewer window are tabs for each of the tables in a file. – Source for first 2 charts below.
OECD publishing. Rights and Permissions. Allows websites and blogs to use excerpts of their publications with attribution and URL.



Chart below. Expenditures. Public on the bottom, private on top:


US dollars adjusted for purchasing power parities (PPPs).


Public share of health expenditure, OECD countries, 2005. By percentage of total health expenditures. – Source for chart below.


(1) 2004. (2) 1992. (3) Share of current expenditure rather than total. (4) 1991 and 2004. (5) 1990/91 and 2004/05. Source: OECD Health Data 2007.


World Health Organization. Source for chart below. Data retrieved in July 2009 from WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS): – Click on “Customized search. Select indicators for all countries.” – Under the “Indicators” tab click “Health systems resources” in the left sidebar. Then scroll down and choose “Per capita total expenditure on health at average exchange rate (US$).” Then click “Create table.” To modify the table click “Modify table.” Under the “Time period” tab you can choose “Show latest available data.” Under the “Regions/countries” tab you can click “Select all countries” or Europe, Canada, United States. Click “Create table.” Click “export (.csv)” at the top to export the data. You can click the “Chart” tab to create a bar chart or graph. Options are limited though. To put the data in table or chart/graph form on a web page or a wiki page see also:
*Commons:Chart and graph resources.
*Top 5 Websites to create your Graph/Chart online.


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